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Attraction Marketing Blueprint: A Delicious Analogy

Monday night, I was checking out a network marketing forum that I occasionally visit, and their was a guy on there who had recently bought Mike Dillard’s book, Magnetic Sponsoring, but was having some difficulty with what exactly the concept of attraction marketing really is. It’s something that, as a broad concept, is really easy to understand but in case you maybe having some difficulty with it (or if you’ve never heard of attraction marketing before), here’s a simple analogy that you can use to share it with your team (not to be confused with the A-Team).

Imagine for a second that you just moved into a new house in across the country from where you currently live. While the movers are unloading the truck, you hear a knock at the front door. When you open the door, you see a tall man standing there, smiling, who introduces himself as your new neighbor, Beven Jack.  After some of small talk about where you moved from, Jack welcomes you to the neighborhood and hands you a little housewarming gift – a container of best looking BBQ you’ve ever seen.

Hey, I live in Texas so I couldn’t say it was a cricket paddle or something like that…

About a week later, you’re in your back yard trying to fire up the rusty gas grill that you’ve had forever when you notice Jack is grilling away from across the fence.  It smells better than anything you’ve ever experienced in your whole life. Jack gives you a friendly wave and asks what you’re going to be cooking, so you tell him you got some pre-packaged burgers from the store because you can’t BBQ like he does. Jack laughs and says he has a brochure in his house: “5 Amazing Spice Rub Recipes That Will Make You A BBQ Champion”. He gives you the brochure and you go back your pre-packaged cookout. Within a few weeks, your family is complementing you on your newly found BBQ skills.

On a side note, is anyone getting hungry yet?

Every once in a while you notice that Jack is always throwing out a amazing “secret” or “master tip” on something related to BBQ and grilling, and you’ve also seen some of your neighbors going to Jack with their grilling questions, so in the back of your mind you start to think of Jack as the neighborhood “expert” on grilling.

The time comes when you’re ready to get rid of your rusty old gas grill, and you decide to pick up something that will take your new  BBQ skills to the next level. The only thing is that you’re not exactly sure what to get and where to get it from since you’re new to the area. That’s when your sub-conscious says, “ask Jack.”

So you find yourself doing what you’ve seen many of your neighbors do and you go next door to Jack’s house hoping he can give you a good referral.

“Hey Jack, I’m looking to get a good quality grill like you have, and I was wondering if  that you could give me an idea of where to start?” Jack smiles at you and says, “No problem.” He reaches into his back pocket, pulls out a business card and hands it to you.

What do you think the business card says? To your shock and amazement, the card reads, “Jack’s BBQ Supply”.

Do you see what he did here? Jack has been practicing attraction marketing from the very beginning:

  • The BBQ as a housewarming gift
  • The brochure
  • The free advice
  • Helping his neighbors to establish himself as an expert

Jack nailed the basic principles that are talked about in Magnetic Sponsoring, and he isn’t even a network marketer!

What if Jack would have jumped down your throat on the first day trying to tell you about his BBQ supply company?  My guess is that you would not have ever done business with him if had he tried to “prospect” you from the very beginning, or at least the relationship with him would likely have not have been the same.

Would you say that’s accurate?

The idea behind attraction marketing is to give real value to a qualified group of people over a period of time. When you can anchor your value as an expert in your “neighborhood” (Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog, YouTube,  etc.) by giving valuable content to your audience and allow a little time to work in your favor, you will eventually standout in the mind of your audience as a trusted expert. Once you have the PRINCIPLE mastered, it doesn’t matter what exact method you use to deliver that value to your group.

If you got some value out of this, please share it and leave me a comment below!

See ya next time,

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A common question that I get from frustrated network marketers when I’m doing some MLM training is, “How can I leverage the internet in my network marketing business?”. There are a lot of different strategies like pay-per-click, ezine/solo ads, article and video marketing, etc. but I’m going share a FREE method that, if done correctly, will give you more leads for your business and will help you sponsor more distributors than you ever thought was possible.

How To Properly Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube To Sponsor More Distributors and Have Fun

This webinar training was initially offered to a paid members-only (remember those jackets?) site that I belong to, but recently the owners have allowed a few of us to share this content with our friends and readers. Here’s what was covered in this training:

  • How Tracey went from broke to a top six figure earner in her network marketing company in under a year by leveraging Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • The 6 components to turning strangers to friends and friends into distributors using the internet.
  • The top mistakes people make that will crush any chance of being successful using social media.
  • The FREE tools she uses to cut her time investment down to under 30 minutes a day. (who really wants to sit at their computer for 12 hours a day, amirite?)
  • But wait, there’s more! Sorry, I always wanted to say that. :D

I’m not sure how long this will be available, but being the internet it could be anywhere from a few days to the rest of the year at best, but this training is 45 minutes of pure no-pitch content, so I highly recommend you check it out and take notes ASAP!

(opens in new window)


I hope this will help, my friend. :D

If it did, leave me a comment with what you liked and please share this with your team!

To YOUR network marketing success,

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Brian Rakowski
Regenesis Health and Wellness

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