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MLM training is something that isn’t exactly in short supply in most network marketing companies, but the challenge most networkers face is that the training hasn’t really changed over the past 50+ years. Make a list of your 100-150 closest friends and business contacts, invite them to a home/phone/hotel presentation, sign up the interested people, do it again.

You know what, that strategy worked great for the first 50 years (and still can for people who carry a lot of influence), but as times and technology change you have to embrace different ways to build your business in the new Facebook and Social Media-style culture.

When I got my first dose of MLM training about 10 years ago, I was told to just do what the successful people did and then I’ll be successful too. If you take that statement broadly, it has a lot of truth to it but in my opinion, it’s not entirely realistic.  For example – if Henry Ford or John D. Rockefeller were alive today, they’d have to build their empires differently than they did in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively, because people and cultures are different and the windows of opportunity they were able to capitalize on have changed.

The same reality applies to your network marketing business.

Today, we have different laws and regulations, and people communicate and build relationships through technology more than ever. Here I’m going to share with you 5 network marketing success tips that will help you build an MLM training outline for you and your downline which will help you to reach the summit of your business.

1. Find a mentor who is getting results right now. It’s great to have an upline business leader who built a massive organization in the 70′s and 80′s since they could still give you some good tips on closing your prospects or how to motivate a large organization. That’s great, but could they realistically do it again if they were to lose their entire downline? My guess is not in this lifetime because you can’t expect to build a massive team by recruiting 20-30 frontline distributors anymore. Find someone who can teach you what they’re doing to get massive success today.

2. Learn how to leverage yourself through the power of technology. Which sounds like a better strategy: wandering around Barnes and Noble to talk to a few people here and there, or sharing your business with thousands of people per week who are actively seeking an opportunity like yours, all on autopilot?

3. Learn how to generate massive amounts of leads through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are people who are creating an absolute dynasty for themselves by learning how to properly use these social networks to build their businesses, and they’re getting results in 1-2 years that used to take 4-5 years.

4. Realize that you need larger numbers to create sufficient leverage. As I mentioned, there was a time when you could build a massive organization by sponsoring only 20-40 people, but that’s not the case anymore. The good news is MLM recruiting is actually easier today than it’s ever been since it’s now a commonly accepted business model. Through technology, it’s entirely possible to sponsor more people in a year than previous business leaders used to do in 5 years.

5. Commit to being successful. I know you’ve heard that the only way to fail in network marketing (or anything for that matter) is to quit. The reason it has become a cliche’ is because it’s the truth! Network marketing has an amazing success rate when you have the proper training and stay with it for the long  haul. Make a commitment today that you’ll do whatever it takes, no matter how difficult it may seem at first, to be a success in your  business. You can do it!

If these tips helped you, please leave me a comment below and share it with your team!

To YOUR Network Marketing Success,

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Mt. Bonnell Steps

Today, I hiked to the top of a mountain for you guys.

Alright, maybe it wasn’t exactly a mountain, but it’s called Mt. Bonnell, so I’m sticking with it for the record. I was feeling inspired this morning and wanted to shoot a MLM training video to go over a very cool technique that you can start using immediately to separate the serious business builders that are ready to join your business but don’t have the money, from the people that are just blowing smoke.

In this video, I go over a script that you can use with your network marketing prospects that you determine are truly serious, but I’m also going to include it here to make it easy for you.

Here we go!

You: Alright (name), I can tell you’re serious about getting started in this business and if money is the only thing that’s holding you back from getting started right now, I’m willing to work with you, but I’m going to give you some homework and it’s going to have a deadline of 72 hours. I need you go grab a pen and some paper, so let me know when you have it.

Prospect: Got it!

You: Alright, great! I need you to write this down EXACTLY as I’m saying it, ok?

You: “Today is (the date 3 days in the future from when you’re talking). I, (their name), just walked into my office, sat down in my chair, and completed my application to start my (your company name) business at the $X package. I’m so happy and thrilled, and I can’t believe how easy it was to come up with the money. Here’s exactly how I did it…”

You: Now, I want you to write down 50 ways you came up with the money, using the past tense. For example, I borrowed $100 from 5 people or I put some stuff I don’t use on eBay. After you get to number 50, go through the list and circle the things that you know will work. I guarantee that, if you do this, you’ll come up with the money and we’ll get started building your business so you can get that new car/stay at home with your kids/take a vacation to North Dakota Fiji, etc. Give me a call when you’re done. Talktoyouthengoodbye.

Does that make sense why that’s so powerful?

You’re helping someone who may be stuck in the mode of “I can’t afford it, so I give up” and switching them to the entrepreneurs thinking of “How can I afford to do this?” One is an excuse to give up, and one is an opportunity to find  solution.

I’ve done this before with buying cars and houses, and it’s worked every single time regardless if I’ve had the money at the time or not.

The Law of Attraction 101, my friends.

If you like this video, leave me a comment and please share this with anyone you feel may benefit from this free mlm training.

To YOU Getting Everything You Deserve,

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